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So, what's inside?

We are pleased to announce a complete makeover for the Mythoard monthly subscription service. Just like before, we have RPG tabletop adventures but this year we are going to deliver a consistent, monthly serial adventure to you along with the books, dice and accessories you loved before. Our exclusive partnership with AdventureHex and Astral VTT software means that you are going to get full, immersive adventures along with custom crafted terrain, miniatures, and virtual tabletop resources to help you explore many of our home-grown worlds including this year's focus - Dwarven Epics. We are excited to bring a complete month of tabletop fun to your door each and every month. Won't you join us for our new tabletop experience? Subscribe today!

Next box will be shipped on

October 30th, 2018
About the Mythoard Monthly RPG
Loot Crate Subscription Box

Mythoard is focused on bringing its members the best in small press, DIY and indie level Tabletop RPGs, terrain and accessories.  We were the first and original RPG subscription crate and monthly box service and we strive to be the best.  Our typical member is someone who loves tabletop RPGs but likes a bit of a surprise from month to month as we curate the best maps, modules, accessories, terrain, miniatures, dice, dice towers, and roleplaying storylines.  If you would like to see each monthly Hoard (crate) that we have ever sent out, go to our archive.

Members can expect
Exclusive content

Exclusive content

Exclusive material and offers that can be found nowhere else! Enjoy stories from your favorite writers and exclusive artwork



Our monthly Mythoard crates have an average value of $60 or more. We try to add value to every crate each and every month



Modules, supplements, dice, minis, magazines, RPG comics, terrain, adventures, monsters, character sheets, maps, accessories and more.

Digital Content

Digital Content

Each Mythoard may also come with digital material and download codes including VTT ready artwork and modules

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